What to expect at the lab

When you arrive at the Children’s Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin, a research assistant will be promptly waiting to greet you with a free pass so you can park right by the entrance. Once inside, you’ll be brought to our playroom. While parents fill out the consent form and other paperwork, children are free to play with toys in our toy chest. We have building blocks, puzzles, coloring pages, and many more toys for kids of all ages.

Next, your child will play a research game with one of our research assistants. The games are always age appropriate and often involve stickers, colored pencils, or stories. You are welcome to sit inside the room with your child or watch through a window in our playroom.

After the game is finished, your child will receive both a sticker and a prize for their participation. Additionally, kids are free to continue playing with the many toys in the lobby area after the study. Lastly, we’ll ask you to return your parking permit to us.